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First Aid For Your Favorite Hat TM

What is Robbie's Fix-A-Hat?

Robbie's Fix-A-Hat is a set of replacement straps to fix broken adjustable hat straps.  After time, plastic hat straps tend to become brittle and break.  Either the female side cracks down the middle, or the nubs on the male strap pop off.  In three easy steps, customers can now save their hats from the trash can. 

Robbie's Fix-A-Hat black and red male straps

How Does it Work?

Robbie’s Fix-A-Hat, Inc. has devised a fast, easy method for fixing your  broken adjustable hat straps in a matter of seconds. Using Robbie's Fix-A-Hat, a simple patented invention, customers can save their $15 to $25 hats from being thrown in the trash can. We hope that this item will become as common as shoe laces. One replaces the laces rather than throw the shoes out. Presently, the only means to repair broken adjustable hat straps are with unsightly tape, staples or glue, all of which take away the adjustability--the number one reason for using Robbie's Fix-A-Hat. 



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